A lot of times patients force the doctor to do a permanent filling even if the doctor feels the need for RCT. They may be simply afraid of the procedure .If the tooth develops symptoms after a filling has been done, then the filling can be removed and a temporary filling can be done. If the symptoms persist RCT is recommended to save the tooth. In our practice also we have come across such situations .So we follow the STANDARD PROTOCOL described in the answer to the second question. This prevents any misunderstanding that can happen if the patient develops pain after a filling.

Dentists recommend fillings for teeth which have cavities. But regular cavities do not  give out any symptoms like pain until they are deep and close to the nerve. Sometimes after doing a filling in a big deep cavity, the filling material can reach the nerve  and can result in pain. Pain is due to the communication of cavity to nerve .the pain is due to the depth of cavity and the pain expresses only when it is closed. Filling  material alone  is not causing  the pain but the depth of cavity matters a lot.

Bleeding gums are not healthy gums. Poor oral hygiene (especially in areas where the toothbrush doesn’t reach) leads to the accumulation of tartar on teeth, which moves deep into the gums causing them to loosen and bleed on touch/brushing. If neglected further, the infection moves on to the bones offering  support to the teeth, making them loose over a period of time. Approach a dentist for a professional cleaning to remove tartar; he will also put you on a mouthwash and brief you other oral hygiene aids and their appropriate use. If the infection has already progressed to a certain extent, you may be advised to go for gum surgeries and bone grafts to restore back the healthy status.

The decision to do RCT can be taken based on the following factors.
1. Patient’s symptoms.
2. X-ray.
3. Clinical examination.

A good digital x-ray will reveal if the cavity is involving the nerve, then RCT is recommended. In case of borderline scenario where the cavity is deep but not involving the nerve, a decision can be taken after completely removing the decay .If the nerve gets exposed then RCT is necessary. Remember the primary goal of attending to that tooth is to remove the decay from it. So it is best to take a decision on the spot after removing the decay .If RCT is needed to save the tooth then it is recommended.

We have a STANDARD PROTOCOL in such a case- In case of a cavity which we start out as a filling but realize that it is deeper and we feel that RCT is needed- then the patient will be explained about the situation and the cost. If the patient agrees then we can start the RCT right away. Otherwise we can only give a temporary filling not a permanent filling.

Dental clinics/dentists in India are completely self regulated. They do not have any uniform regulations for the infrastructure .They do not abide by any standard specifications for the equipment/materials used during the treatment procedures. There is no authority monitoring the sterilization process in any dental clinic. So if Dr A has spent very less on infrastructure, sterilization equipment and materials then he can offer treatment at x amount.

Someone who is spending more on equipment, materials, and skilled staff will charge more.

A lot of times what the patient explains on the phone is completely opposite to what the doctor finds in the mouth during a clinical examination. It is better to arrive at a cost estimate after a thorough clinical examination and x-rays if required.

Dental procedures require good expertise and state of the art setup. It is impossible for us to give the cost when clients ask for charges of dental procedures over the phone without bothering to check out the materials we use, the results we deliver. Hence it is always better to visit the clinic, consult the doctor and then commit to the treatment rather than shopping for the price.

If you already have any x-rays of teeth or an OPG you are required to bring them on your first visit. If you are on any medication please bring the prescription or the medicines and if you have any medical condition please bring the relevant records.


All the patients undergoing treatment are given detailed instructions to be followed during and after  the treatment .They are also explained about the possible problems that can occur. You will be attended to at the earliest if there is anything that needs attention. You may also directly call the clinic and clear your doubts.We advise the patients to follow up at least twice a year for post treatment recall and routine maintenance.

We are able to deliver the best care to our patients because we have the required infrastructure and experienced specialists all in one location. Most of the big dental procedures like SMILE DESIGNING, IMPLANTS, and COSMETIC CORRECTION are ONCE A LIFE TIME treatment procedures which cannot be left to chance. Such procedures require expertise and state of the art infrastructure which are available at our clinic. Having specialists who have successfully treated thousands of cases since the year 1998 surely has an edge over other clinics.

We have delivered great results for a lot of patients who have undergone unsuccessful treatments and were unsatisfactory with the results elsewhere. Our office is dedicated to providing the finest possible dental care to all. . We thank your decision to choose us for your dental needs and we take all the steps to minimize the number of visits.

  •     The root canal treatments are performed in one or two visits by special pain free rotary and computer aided scanning techniques.
  •     Cosmetic dental treatments require only 1-3 visits.
  •     In all cases of SMILE DESIGNING we provide immediate temporary crowns to avoid a 2nd visit.
  •     Teeth whitening is done in 1 hour.
  •     Composite bonding is done in 1 hour.

The radiation caused by the latest digital xrays is negligible. They use approximately one hundredth the  radiation needed for the old analogue x-rays. In simple words the radiation of digital dental x-ray is almost equal to talking on your mobile phone for 15 minutes.Premier dental clinic is using imported kodak digital xrays for minimising these type of radiation hazards.

By all means! If you want to talk to any of our patients about their experience we will be able to give you a reference after taking their consent.

There is nothing like the best tooth paste .The job of any tooth paste is to help you in cleaning your teeth. If you follow the right brushing technique any tooth paste will do.



Cash, credit card, debit card. An Identification proof is needed for all card transactions.


Yes. We accept new patients. In case of any emergency like acute pain you can get an immediate appointment to treat your problem. Regular cases will be scheduled at the earliest convenient time.

You can schedule an appointment by simply calling our office at +91 484 255 5507 or +91 9447822543. If your call is not attended by us please leave a message on answering machine or leave a text(sms) message on the mobile we shall call you back at the earliest. Or by e-mail  drteny@gmail.com. If you have any specific enquiry you can use the form available in the personal appointment section.

We are not into mass practice of dentistry. We see limited number of patients any given day based on appointments. We offer quality care to a limited number of people than dilute the quality by taking in large number of people. The chief doctors are full time practitioners. They are always available during the clinical hours for consultations. You are assured of undivided attention by the doctors here.


Typically this is the standard procedure that is followed :
• Registration of the patient where the patient has to fill a form giving the details like name ,age and address and a brief medical history and sign a consent for diagnostic and treatment procedures.
• We will perform a simple check up and speak to you about your goals for dental treatment. Our staff and doctors will discuss with you, our recommendations, helping you make the most educated decision.We wont unneccesarily advice unwanted treatment for our monitary benefit.

• Checkup at least twice a year for post treatment recall and routine maintenance.



Not always. Wisdom teeth (the third molars) are the back teeth on either side of each jaw and normally appear between 17 and 25 years of age. More often since there is scarcity of space for them to emerge in the right position, they get stuck in the bone in all possible angulations. Such a situation frequently causes pain radiating to the ear or lower jaw, infection in the tissues surrounding the tooth and recurrent tooth decay due to inaccessibility to maintain hygiene. Only then is it justified to get them removed. If the wisdom teeth have erupted normally without any hassles and if you are able to maintain them well, you don’t need to bother about them.