The 10 services which can improve your smile

Your teeth will be cleaned,stains calculus removed, teeth polished and gums treated. Diseased inflamed gums don't look attractive and neither do stained teeth. Also fresh breath/ mouth  can be achieved with a simple cleaning.

Whitening is an excellent solution to make your smile beautiful. It is safe,quick and non invasive method to instantly facelfit the smile. Several techniques are avaliable 
a) Home Bleaching 
b) In Office bleaching, also known as laser bleaching, 1 hr bleach, dental chair bleaching etc. 
c) Over the counter bleaching kits

Unsightly silver colored / mercury based fillings can be easily be replaced with life like indistuinguishable white fillings or ceramics. Also discolored mismatching and old tooth color filllings can be replaced with superior chamelon tooth color fillings to satisfy the demands of the most discerning client.

Chipped uneven teeth can be easily mended or adjusted for more attractive smile. The placement of white filling material can create the illusion of symmetry and alter unsightly arragement of teeth. This method is a conservative prep of tooth issue.

Venners are thin porcelain facings that are bonded to the teeth to improve appearance,are durable and long lasting. In some cases, it can even protect the teeth from tear and wear and take years off your smile. It is an attrative option for the people who are not interested in orthodontic braces to straighten teeth. The whole procedure can be completed in one week and produce ultimate aesthetics.

Small gum contouring can have amazing effect on your smile. Gummy smiles usually gives the apperance of short teeth, recontouring the gums with symmetry can greatly enhance your looks.

If you can tell it is a crown- its a bad crown. Life like, highly quallity crowns with no black or grey areas around the gums, allowing light to go through, replacing artifical looking, dull crowns, will instantly restore your confidence. Our crowns are made by highly skilled and talented lab techinicians

We can easily bond tooth colored filling material to change the shape and color of crooked, spaced or discolored teeth.

A bridge is made by putting cap or crowns on either side of missing tooth and replacing a false tooth to the cap or crowns.We can fill the gaps and make adjacent teeth look better too.Missing teeth can affect your ability to chew and speak and can alter  the allighnment of your remaining teeth and shape of your face too.Dental bridges will avoid these problems by filling the gaps in your smile with an artificial tooth attached to a permanent tooth  next to it.



We can replace missing teeth with implants naturally. The success rate today of this type of treatment is very high and predictable. a dental implant takes the place of a missing tooth’s root and helps to prevent the shrinkage of jaw bones. the dental implants are superior in function, stability, longevity when compared to bridges or dentures.



Orthodontic Treatments

Misplaced teeth or an “improper bite” can not only detract from people’s smiles; but may also lead to tooth decay, gum disease and eventual early tooth loss. For these, among other reasons everyone should have an orthodontic check-up at least once, the ideal age for which would be 11 years, though age is not a bar for treatment with braces. 

Types of braces

With the latest cutting-edge Orthodontic technology today; young patients, teenagers, as well as adults can feel good about how they look with braces.

Metal Braces

Fully-programmed Metal Braces are now much smaller and smoother..

Clear Braces

Even less noticeable are Tooth-Colored Braces


They are virtually invisible aligners made of thermo plastic materials which looks like your teeth whitening trays. A series of custom made aligners are made for you to move the teeth in a preplanned cad cam technology method approved by your doctor.

Tooth colored filling

Tooth coloured fillings are Similar in colour and texture to your natural teeth. These fillings are less noticeable, and much more attractive, than other types of fillings.

Complete and Partial Dentures ( teeth sets)

Dentures (also known as dental plates) can be defined as a set of artificial teeth, which are used when a person has lost his real teeth.


Root Canal Treatment

Root canal is the treatment in which the infected pulp is removed from the tooth and the space occupied by it is cleaned and filled with a special filling material. Even though the pulp has been removed from the inside of the tooth, the tooth is still embedded in a living jaw structure. The root canal tooth will not feel hot or cold. However the tooth would still retain normal sensation to touch or pressure.

Smile Designing

Good smile involves in it more than just healthy teeth and gums. It is a blend of symmetry, color, shape and lines that create a balanced harmonious smile. The various attributes of a smile can be favorably altered for a complete change in the smile. Smile designing deals with the remodeling of the teeth and supporting structures so as to give a complete new look to the patient.

Solutions and Restorations For

  • - Broken or fractured Teeth
  • - Spaces between teeth
  • - Worn out Teeth ( notches at gum line)
  • - Irregularly shaped teeth
  • - Irregular smile and teeth
  • - Display of too much gum tissue
  • - Display of too much root surface
  • - Display of too much teeth structure
  • - A few missing teeth
  • - Bleaching / Teeth Whitening
  • - Sensitive too sweets
  • - Sensitive to cold foods
  • - Sensitive to heat foods
  • - Hole in the teeth
  • - Tooth restoration fallen off
  • - Bad Taste / Blood while sucking
  • - Bad smell from mouth
  • - Designing the smile